If you are planning to read (or reread) The Midnight Library, listen to the Gris (Original Game Soundtrack) by Berlinist to enhance your experience.

I read The Midnight Library while my husband was playing through Gris, a really beautiful and atmospheric platformer. The soundtrack by itself is excellent, with gentle piano and orchestra that swells with emotion. To me, it felt like the music perfectly fit with the book, in tone and spirit.

It might just be my headspace right now, or my current circumstances, or just the experiences I’ve had through the past couple days, but the combination of the beautiful soundtrack and the story of the book hit me hard. Like the book, there are highs and lows of the music that can feel hopeful, melancholic, inspiring, and beautifully sad.

If you’re someone who can have music going on in the background while reading, what music have you listened to that has perfectly fit the tone of your book?

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