On lesser-known books later made into successful movies.

I found a copy of Anatomy of a Murder (1958) in the local university library. I had heard of the 1959 film, but I never knew it was based off a novel.

The author, John Voelker, was a defense attorney, and had based the work on a previous case he defended. I felt it was well-written, and gave a good glimpse into the operations of a murder trial, explaining the in-depth legalese involved without either being too technical or talking down to the reader.

The book was a number-one bestseller, which led to its adaptation the following year. However, in the six decades since, I feel the popularity of the film has vastly eclipsed that of the novel.

Hence, my question: what great novels do y’all feel have been largely forgotten in pop culture in favor of their movie counterparts?

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