The dying animal by Philip Roth is the weirdest book I’ve yet read

TW : Graphic, Blood, Periods

I stoped reading for years and now I’m back to reading, I would consider myself a novice…

The dying animal was recommended on book for therapy on the school of life website and I thought why not read it and I’ve heard here and there that he’s a well know writer too

Then there’s this weird part where he gets jealous of one of exes of the girl he having an affair with, that one ex use to like watching her menstruate and he told her he wanted to do the same. Despite the weirdness of the book, the reflection around getting old and being confronted to youth is the thing that keeps me going but I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish the book. If anyone has read it before, do you think it’s worth it ?

(If you ever see some spelling mistakes, English is not my first language :/)

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